SparkPool Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information⚙on!!!

SparkPool Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information⚙on!!!

In 2019 mining cryptocurrency Grin (GRIN) became very popular. Therefore, the editors prepared browse the largest pool for mining this coin SparkPool. In this article you will learn all the important information about the company and the terms of the mining of digital assets on SparkPool.

General information about the pool SparkPool.

Chinese pool SparkPool opened in 2018, the company works with miners from around the world and offers favorable conditions for the production of digital assets. At the moment SparkPool supports 5 mining cryptocurrency:

  • Ethereum.
  • Grin.
  • Beam.
  • Monero.
  • Ethereum Classic.

Please note that the pool site is not localized, so it will suit the miners, who know English or know how to use a translator. For the six months SparkPool managed to take a leading position in the mining market, the share pool has:

  • 51.3% of Hasrat blockchain Grin.
  • 22% of the compute power of Ethereum.
  • 37,2% Hasrat blockchain Beam.
  • About 2% of the computing power of Ethereum Classic.

Mining Ethereum on SparkPool.

For mining Ethereum has 5 servers in China, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Mining occurs on the algorithm Ethash, the payment of remuneration through the system of PPS+, combining the benefits of PPS and PPLNS: you get coins for adding the blockand for each ball separately. The minimum amount of payout is 0,1 ETH, the Commission - 1%.

Mining Grin on SparkPool.

Cryptocurrency Grin can get on one of two algorithms: cuckARoo29 or cuckAToo31. For the first version there are 6 servers (in China, Asia, 2 in Europe and 2 in USA), for the second algorithm, running 8 servers (in China, Asia, 3 in Europe and 3 in USA). The pool charges a reward system PPS+, the minimum threshold for payment - 3 Grin. The pool fee is 1%.

Mining Beam on SparkPool.

For mining cryptocurrency Beam created 8 servers: 3 in the US and Europe and 1 in China and Asia. Tokens can mine on the algorithm Equihash. The pool charges a payment system PPS+, the minimum size of payment - 1 BEAM, a Commission of 1%.

Mining Monero on SparkPool.

Mining cryptocurrency Monero on SparkPool not very popular. Poole was ranked 14th in hereto, which is very modest figure of 1.99 MH/s. This is mainly due to the lack of servers outside of China. Mining Monero is carried out on the algorithm Cryptonight V8. The reward for mining XMR is calculated according to the system PPS+, the minimum payout is 0.1 XMR, pool fee is 1%.

Mining Ethereum Classic on SparkPool.

As in the case of Monero for mining Ethereum Classic run only 1 server in China. So computing power pool ETC does not exceed 66,91 GH/s, this indicator SparkPool ranks 12th. Mining Ethereum Classic is happening in the algorithm Ethash</strong>, the calculation of the amount of remuneration is based on a system PPS+. The minimum amount of payout is 0,1 ETC, the pool charges a 1% Commission.

Distinctive features SparkPool:

  • The same size of the Commission - 1%.
  • Payment of interest every day.
  • A small number of uncle blocks (which increases the amount of earnings).
  • Pool pays for absolutely all the balls.
  • The mechanism of protection from DDoS attacks Host Auto-Failover.
  • Hour technical support in real time.
  • The possibility of obtaining advice from experts in the field of mining cryptocurrency.
  • High speed servers and low ping.
  • Free withdrawal of earned cryptocurrency.

How to start working on SparkPool?

To begin to mine cryptocurrency SparkPool you need to do the following:

  1. To register on the site.
  2. Open the cryptoyou will get paid.
  3. Download a program for mining crypto-currencies.
  4. To configure the software.

Portal SparkPool published detailed instructions for the extraction of each of the presented cryptocurrency separately.

  • In the section "Tutorial" you will find guides on setting up the equipment, creation of crypto and links to software.
  • In the tab "FAQs" provided answers on all the major issues associated with the extraction of a digital asset.
  • In the section "Download" is a list of links to recommended miners.

The comparison of profits from mining Grin on SparkPool pool and F2Pool.


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