GBMiners Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

GBMiners Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

Pool based in India. His first block he found in August 2016 and now is approaching the leaders in the field of mining bitcoin. February 2017 it was the second volume pool that supports BTC Unlimited. Its share to 4.5%. Recently GBMiners not registering new users, this is probably driven by the policy direction in relation to their own Internet service.

History GBMiners

In the beginning the developers began to test their own servers in the existing and existing pools. This work allowed them to determine the most effective direction that ultimately resulted in nearly a five percent share among Hasrat communication of Bitcoin. According to the founders of the company, they tried to make something more than a service for speculative operations and the accumulation of investment.In the beginning of its activity was noticed some difficulty getting mined cryptocurrencies, but all issues were quickly resolved through customer support, which, despite the Asian direction of the pool meets the English language.gbminers pool

Features pool

Pool (at the time of writing the article) will not register new users, but to work without going through the registration process impossible. Authorized users have access to detailed statistics on the found blocks and paid compensation.

GBMiners only works with bitcoin.

Support work around the clock. Reply in English. Issues are resolved in the shortest possible time.For all the time it was produced in 1897 block. This is 0.38% of the total, which equals 501 692 units (for example, BTPOOL for all time has collected just 0.06 percent, and one of the competitors GBMiners, BitcoinIndia to 0.02% of the total number of detected blocks). The average speed of the hashing is 241,77 PH/sec.


GBMiners uses PPLS-method for payments produced by the users of cryptocurrencies. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 BTC, a percentage of the transactions to 0.09%. Likewise for the minimum percentage of internal operations.

India is a priority

According to one of the co-investment pool, Amita Bhardwaj, one of the objectives of the project is the education of Indian nationals in the field of the attractiveness of investing in bitcoin. The company will try to convince regular traders and speculators to invest in mining cryptocurrency, making them part of the process of mining. This approach will provide greater speed of finding blocks, in contrast to similar services, and increase the level of understanding of the industry and the advantages of obtaining BTC. Along with theoretical knowledge, investors will have confidence in a full return of investment of their assets.


According to statistics, the company ZebPay, which provides services to btc-wallet, the growth rate bakonina provoked a sharp increase in the number of registrations. Daily on the site are registering about 50 thousand new users. All this will lead to the popularization of the pool to increase the volume of extracted blocks. Investors can quickly recoup their funds and get a profit.

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