Reviews of the best pools for safe mining

The times of solo mining of key cryptocurrencies are steadily disappearing into the past. Today, in order to mine another block in the BTC chain and make money of it, it is necessary to have a significant processing power, which sometimes even major investors cannot handle to provide. Moreover, what happen in the case of the newbies, who ventured to make money with the help of digital coins?

There are two options. The first one — is to draw the attention to the currently not so much popular cryptocurrencies. However, due to no one can reliably predict the growth or fall of such virtual currencies, the risks of losing the invested funds increase significantly. The second one — is to join the pool. But what is it and what is the proper way to use it?

What are the mining pools?

Pools are the pooling of processing power of individual miners that capable of mining blocks much more efficiently than each of the users would do it alone. Thus, the chances of earning each of the pool participants significantly increase.

Meanwhile such mining pools has a fair allocation of earned funds among all «investors» and the owners of the service receive their pre-agreed interest.

A brief overview of the mining pools history

At the time of the appearance of bitcoin there were no point in pools. Each of the miners could on their own buy the necessary equipment, which made it possible to earn a sufficient amount of digital coins. However, at the beginning of this decade, prerequisites for the emergence of such services began to arise.

The first «trial» pools were launched in 2011. Initially, they only ran-in a joint mining system. Nevertheless, a year later the largest mining farms owners began to unite in such communities.

By 2015, the number of popular pools has exceeded several thousand. Such farms were used not only for Bitcoin mining, but also for earnings on other popular cryptocurrencies. Now, most of the blocks of the largest electronic chains are generated precisely by such communities, and not by individual solo miners. What is more, most of the pools controlling up to 90% of the cryptocurrency market are located in China.

A number of such communities is happy to accept new participants. However, there are also some private pools and they do not tend to expand due to newcomers.

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