Bitclub Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

Bitclub Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

One of the largest independent investment projects with my mining-pool. Its share of bitcoin mining during the best times reached four and a half percent. However, the reputation of the company is not the best.

General information

BitClub Network was formed in early 2014. The first few months its creators have attracted investors, and the pool worked in test mode. Actively mine bitcoins, and then and zcash for Ethereum, it was in September of the same year. The assurances of the owners of the service, about seventy percent of its computing capacity located in Reykjavik, Iceland. But in General, small data centers working on the pool all over the world.

Статистика пула

In February 2016, the project is consistently ranked among the largest ten in the BTC mining. And only at the end of 2017 he went downhill due to the outflow of users and large investors. The reason for the decline was the number of scandals associated with the project. Hundreds of experts and does call him a product of network marketing and not a full service mining cryptocurrency. However, BitClub Network continues its work and remains open for new users.


By the end of 2017 pool fell out of dozens of leaders in mining bitcoin with hasraton 148.46 PH/s, which represents 1.19 % of the total. If you take into consideration all of the project's existence, its share in the BTC mining will amount to 2.71%.

хэшрейт btccom

In many ways, this decline is associated not only with samplesthe problem in the development of the service, but with the beginning of preparation for mining cryptocurrency, which is already available computing power had to be divided. For this reason and due to increasingly complex mining conditions of the BTC, from September the share pool in its production is decreasing. This is clearly shown by the following figures: in the period from the beginning of the fall of 2017 pool produced about five hundred blocks, and the second half of November and the first half of December of them have only one twenty-five.



At the beginning of the winter of 2017, the Commission of the project amounted to 27.88 %. In this case payments are made in a variety of ways each of the registered users who have contributed to the production unit.

Features pool

At first glance, BitClub Network seems to be very open and loyal service for beginners. His website is translated into dozens of languages, and for joining the project enough to make a few clicks away. However, many users have become the investors of the pool that faced problems at a stage of withdrawal of earnings, which the company has not established the best reputation.

While the pool shows good results for the extraction of some of the most common cryptocurrency for the entire period of its existence. And the owners say about the future development in the rainbow colors.

Thus, whether to trust BitClub Network your money and productive power, each user must decide for himself. But a number of experts recommends to invest in the first a modest amount you can afford to lose. If a profit and the process of mining with pool you want, it makes sense to continue working with him.



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