BTPOOL Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

BTPOOL Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

In the middle of the summer of 2017, the company Bitmain has announced the launch of a new pool for mining at the site After the start, he quickly gained popularity and entered the TOP services in this field. The impetus for the rapid development was the presence of large Asian investors. His appearance according to the developers is to allow to decentralize the mining of cryptocurrency. Although there are concerns by competitors about a possible increase in the share of "Bitman" in the market of BTC. Pool now has support for server clusters in USA and China, and in the future planned their placement in Europe.

The technology used

BTPOOL developed using open source technologies. This will allow more effectively to develop this sector, improving technical standards.

Before the start was made stress testing with load simulation 180 thousand miners. which guaranteed stability and security of transactions. Introduction of technology PoolWatcher led to a decrease in the appearance of non-profit chains, positively reflected on increasing yield. The development of such technology was required to avoid a situation when two miner get the same chain at the same time. The reward in this case receives only one Shakhtar. The relationship between servers allows them to exchange information about mined blocks, which provides the ability to produce software preventing the production of zero blocks.битмэйн bitmain

Special software allows BtcAgent major miners and owners of the farms to monitor performance and to obtain statistics in real mode instraps.

About the production in BTPOOL

Hash rate at the time of writing was $ 122.06 PH/s, and the size of the last unit produced is equal 1,016,805 bytes. For the entire period of operation produced 318 blocks. The same percentage of zero blocks is practically zero. This result gives BTPOOL the ability to confidently stand in the TOP 15 mining areas in the world.

BTPOOL can only be used to receive Bitcoin. The increase in computing power with the development of sites may lead to the expansion of the range of produced tokens.

Currently the service works in test mode, and the developers carry out a "run-in" the hardware.

To attract more users, the company offers zero Commission for the period of the testing pool and a one percent subsidy for the users registered in the period up to 3 months from the date of the full launch of the site. This will be true if the user will extract with the determined level can see within 30 days.

Remuneration does the system PPS. The user receives the same percentage of the performance fee that generated the percentage of the total capacity.

At the end of the action the Commission will be 1.5%, similar to Antpool.

Support a company like Bitmain and attract even more investors will BTPOOL to occupy a high spot in the ratings pools for mining cryptocurrency. The increase of varieties produced tokens will attract an even greater number of miners.

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