KanoPool Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

KanoPool Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information


CKPool — public pool for mining cryptocurrencycreated by Australian anesthesiologist and programmer, Coliwasa (eng. Con Kolivas) and Bithynia "Kano". It was launched in September 2014, and for risk of the participants it also offers a pool for solo mining.

This means that the users will pool their resources to find a bitcoin block, faster than it would alone. But the only one who finds a block gets a reward. Optional to register for the service to use its services. You only have to enter your bitcoin wallet in the username field.

However, registration gives more extensive information and statistics for the account.

For the pool you will have to pay 0.9 percent of the profits from mining. Payment of service are quite generous because, unlike other larger mining pools, here the Commission is included in remuneration for the block. Although, frankly, the withdrawal will still take some time.

In case you suddenly decide to visit the pool's website, at the beginning of working with it will be evident that there is no any manual or help. All the information required for the beginner, contains the help page (FAQ). But if you need help, then he Kano – actively participates in discussions on the forum more than BitcoinTalk and promptly responds to questions about the pool.

Interface pool is quite difficult, making it uncomfortable for users. He has a limited number of features and capabilities, but there is a two-phase authentication that adds additional security.


Of the advantages of the service: no threshold payout, good support, relatively low tariffs compared to some pools.

By cons can be attributed, perhaps, not a very user friendly interface.

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