Bitcoin Wallet Electrum is the best wallet to store your Bitcoin

Bitcoin Wallet Electrum is the best wallet to store your Bitcoin

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet is a lightweight desktopnye wallet. To use it, no need to download bitcoin blockchain of more than 100 GB as a whole, as for example, when you install Bitcoin Core. By the way, this figure is constantly growing. Electrum for their work only uses the last transaction of blockchain volume is about 200 MB.

Characteristics of the Electrum Wallet purse

  • Works with Windows, Linux, OSX.
  • Has a version in Russian.
  • Can be installed on a computer or smartphone, and can also integrate with hardware wallets.
  • Has a good safety record. It uses 2 types of encryption. And in order to log in to your account, you need to pass through two-factor authentication.
  • The project is realized on a charitable basis. So the purse has no single center is one of the most decentralized bitcoin wallets.
  • The program is open source.
  • The recovery of the purse is made by a mnemonic phrase.
  • Also using Electrum Wallet you can restore access to assets in other wallets, for example, in the Bitcoin Core.

How to start your own Electrum Wallet

First you download the wallet from the official site Next you need to install the wallet. If you are far from development, we suggest an examination of the version in the section "Easyinstallation". Next, choose the correct operating system. For computer need the "Windows Installer". cryptocurrency electrum wallet" width="100%" />

The program itself loads pretty fast because it is just 40 MB.

Install Electrum Wallet

Once the program is downloaded, launch it and click "Install" ("Install"). It remains only to choose a folder in which you install the wallet. Once installed on your desktop will appear a shortcut to the wallet. When you launch the wallet the first time, you will need to configure it.

Recommendations for setting up Electrum

  1. Specify how the wallet will connect to the Internet automatically or manually.
  2. The type of purse you need to rest, then just click on the button "Next" ("Next").
  3. On the next screen, also did you need to leave it as is.
  4. Next comes the important step – a mnemonic phrase. The system will generate this code. You need to rewrite, print, or photograph. Without it you will not be able to restore the wallet if you lose password.
  5. On the next screen you will need to enter a mnemonic phrase. So the system wants to make sure it was saved.
  6. All, it remains only to choose a password.криптовалютный кошелек electrum

криптовалютный кошелек electrum

If you are uncomfortable working with an English interface, can change it to Russian.

How to start using Electrum Wallet

Electrum– a kind of Lite version of Bitcoin Core. So if you had an opportunity to work with the latest, then you too quickly Orientirules.

To put funds into your account, you need to know the address of your purse. It's listed under "Receive". As soon as you put on a purse, you can transfer them to other wallets. This is done via the tab "Send". To view the history of all conducted with wallet transactions, go to the "History".

It is important! Periodically upload a backup of your wallet. This is to save your money. The backup is created in the tab "File". There choose the "SaveCopy" and you're done. Such backups are better to have not only on your device, but also on the flash drive.


Many users love Electrum Wallet for fast loading, light weight and a sufficient amount of functions. Plus, the security of the wallet is organized at the proper level. So for the moment Electrum Wallet is one of the most popular bitcoin wallets.

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