Waves - the best Russian cryptocurrency wallet

Waves - the best Russian cryptocurrency wallet

Running Waves on the basis of the same Russian blockchain platform. It was created not only to produce their own tokens, but so other developers could attract using the platform tools for their projects (using the so-called decentralized crowdfunding).

Features of the purse Waves

  • Has several versions: an online wallet (for Windows, MAC and Linux), mobile application (Android and iOS) and browser extension Google chrome.
  • Working with cryptocurrency Waves, as well as with BTC, ETH, ZEC, LTC, EUR and USD.
  • It's open source.
  • Does not support multi-signature and does not have two-level authentication.
  • Simple, with an intuitive interface, a bit similar to usual Internet banking.
  • Inside the wallet you can exchange Wavesна BTC, USD, EUR. Or even you can create an order with the exchange of dollars for euros.
  • You can provide your coins Wavesмайнинг pool in rent in exchange for a reward.

How to make your own Waves?

Interface wallet on different devices like. But before you download the correct version of Waves, you need to create your own account.криптовалютный кошелек waves

First go to the website Waveshttps://waveswallet.io/. Here you need to create a new account. Select "NewAccount". The system will inform you that you will get a generated SEED hercode. You have to press"Understand".

The wallet is designed so that your assets are stored in the blockchain. They are protected by a personal key that is tied to your SEED code. Using this passphrase, you will be able to access your wallet from any device or recover your account if you lose access to it. We advise to keep this code, and it is better to write it down and store in a safe place.

  1. Do you only need to enter the password. And then the system will generate your SEED code, which consists of fifteen random words.

Using password unblocker encrypts the SEED code. The browser cache will store it in this encrypted form. The next time you log in you will only need the password.

  1. Now you can work with a purse. At the entrance you can see your balance for each currency. The top displays the address of your wallet. It is used to transfer money here.

You choose the version of wallet that you prefer to use: install the extension or download easy WavesLiteApp for Google chrome or install the local client service. After installation just open the tab "Importaccount", enter your SEED, make sure you have entered your wallet address. Then fill the fields "Username" and "Password". криптовалютный кошелек waves

By the way, the system gives you the ability to come up with SEEDсамостоятельно. To do this, when you register an account, click "Importaccount" and think of your phrase. You can even write in Russian. Do not enter common phrases like quotes or excerpts from works.

Where to view details and how to make a back-up wallet?

The icon "BACKUP" located in the top right. In the popup window you will see your passphrase in the usual and Zashimovinom, public key, private key and wallet address. Click "Copy" and the data saved in the clipboard. криптовалютный кошелек waves

Replenishment Waves?

On the start page, select the desired currency. Click on "DEPOSIT". When you buy Waves, you can simply specify the replenishment amount (equivalent to 30-200 dollars). How many of you buy coins, the system will calculate itself.криптовалютный кошелек waves

If you want to replenish the balance in euros or dollars, then first verify your account on the website IDNow.eu.

The procedure of funding the account in Vasili ETH same. First go to your currency, click"DEPOSIT" and get the address for this currency. Then it is possible to transfer funds from another wallet or exchange.криптовалютный кошелек waves

Important! Always make sure that the receipt address match your address. Sometimes exchange, for example, Bittrex, can be added to the address of your Waves account "1W". And the extra characters you will have to clean themselves, or to you simply will not come.

How to withdraw funds?

Choose your currency, click on the button at the bottom of the tab "WITHDRAW". If your account is verified, the dollars or euros can be transferred directly to your Bank account. The minimum you can withdraw is 100 in.e. the transfer fee is 1% of the amount. To your account the funds will be received within three days.

Or you can directly through the wallet to transfer the bitcoin Wavesв BTC, and then withdraw them to a bitcoin address.криптовалютный кошелек waves

How to send fundsVA?

Choose your currency, click on the button underneath "SEND". Indicate the address to which sent, as the motet transfer and the amount of fee for the transaction. If necessary, you can add a note.

When translated to the exchange search for the address of the recipient in the personal Cabinet on the website of the exchange. In the case of Bittrex, you need to prepend the address of the "1W".


As Waves are created on the multifunctional platform, then he has a lot of opportunities: sharing within a wallet that is compatible with different operating systems, support multiple currencies, the use of Fiat money. To work with a purse easy even for a beginner. Plus customer service has a satisfactory level of protection of user data. Most importantly, to themselves they are sensitive about the storage of their SEED-phrase.

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