MyEtherWallet - the most convenient and safest purse for Ethereum

MyEtherWallet - the most convenient and safest purse for Ethereum

MyEtherWallet is actually a cross between an online wallet and a purse, which is installed directly on the computer. The most convenient and secure wallet for Ethereum. All your eperium stored on the computer and not on strannim server. When you create a wallet system only asks you to set a password and in addition to it will generate more and your security key.

Features Ethereum walletmyetherwallet криптокошелек

  • Easy to use – create your account, top-up and withdrawal times are quick and easy.
  • Has a version in Russian.
  • Safe – all your ethers as in hardware or desktopnew wallets, on your computer. And access keys to the wallet you don't trust third parties.
  • For maintaining the security since the password retrieval answer too you. So do not give passwords to third parties and do not lose them – and your coins will be protected.
  • Operative – you will quickly pick up any option trades, confirm and hold operation. Customer service allows you to quickly dispose of your episiotomy.

Important! The crooks and then can get on with your using your own money. Sometimes they are on behalf of the company razrabotchika send letters, for example, with some special offer. The letter contains a link leading to a website-a clone of the official online wallet. Substitution you can not immediately recognize. And if you've logged in there, entered the login and password, then your account will easily hold third parties. So be careful! Developers are never asked their customers for passwords and access codes!

center;">How to make a purse

First, go to the official website purse and follow the simple instructions.

First you create a password of nine characters. As soon as you generate a fairly complex password, your wallet is ready.криптокошеле MyEtherWallet

The system will then send you to a page with important data.криптокошелек MyEtherWallet

The number one offer you the wallet address. It is what you will enter when transferring funds from the exchanger or another purse. Address you can write or load a file with the.

Number two you recommend to save the text security key generated by the system. The first link you download the document from the address and the key. Save it and don't show anyone.

Also to login you can use the special graphical keys that should be printed.MyEtherWallet крипто кошелек

All the important information you have on hand, you can go in the purse. For this click at the top of the main page section "ViewWalletInfo".

криптокошеле MyEtherWallet

Then you choose which way you prefer just to login using key text or graphics.

How to Fund your wallet

The easiest way to replenish the balance via cryptocurrency exchanger. When selected, focus on how much is in reserve it currency which it offers a course of Ethereum and what mode the transfer is. Ideally, the mode should be automatic – after all, in this case, the funds will come to you on the wallet already half an hour.

To exchange you will not be difficult, the only thing you need is the address of your wallet. You will only need to specify how many you intend to buy.

How to withdraw funds from the wallet MyEtherWallet

Right on the main page customer service section "Transfer Air". You open it up, log in, specify the withdrawal amount and address where you get. As formed, you can only wait for its execution. By the way, the ethers, through the same exchangers. Only the transaction will take place in the reverse direction.


Users love MyEtherWallet for simplicity and reliability. Even beginners can quickly understand the functionality of customer service. Most importantly, store the access keys and the wallet address in a place inaccessible to others.

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