Purse with a system of exchange of cryptocurrency from Bancor

Purse with a system of exchange of cryptocurrency from Bancor

In the world there are more than thousands blockchainprojects that produce tokens. Their number is growing every year, and this fact forces them to think about creating convenient sharing tools, not related to the exchanges, where fluctuations in rates of cryptocurrencies can hit the pockets of investors.

While the crypt is the most popular solutions for the application of blockchain technology, wallets to store it is gradually developing into the analogues of browsers. The more functions they support, the more reliable is protected from hackers, the higher their popularity among users.

The Bancor company is not a newcomer in the field of exchange of the crypts. Its tocancel held in 2017, and has collected 153 million dollars. Now the project continued to develop, offering the market a crypto-wallet with built-in exchanger. While it supports 75 different types of digital assets and this number is constantly growing.bancor wallet


  • The security of crypto transactions is guaranteed by the use of smart contracts.
  • Buying coins from any Visa, Mastercard, American Express.
  • Transparent pricing system.
  • The developer doesn't have keys to access your funds.
  • Registration in the system via social networking accounts and instant messengers or email.

If the idea will catch on, the ordinary people, is not engaged in trading, will not have to register on the exchanges. All transactions will take place directly in the application. It now has optimized for popular mobile platforms. Exchange offices can feel the competition in the face of new software solution with a high level of consumer confidence.

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