Best wallet Hardwear Wallet - the first hardware Bitcoin wallet in the world

Best wallet Hardwear Wallet - the first hardware Bitcoin wallet in the world

Wallet best wallet Wallet first appeared in the summer of 2014. It was the first hardware Bitcoinwallet in the world. Released product company SatoshiLabs. Best wallet Wallet combines tool for secure remote storage of cryptocurrency and a means for quick access to them.

Wallet best wallet looks like a stick about the size of a car key. The wallet connects to a PC using the USB cable. Thus your assets are safe even if your computer has a virus.

Features of the purse best wallet Bitcoin Wallet

  1. Provides reliable protection of scriptaction declared by the manufacturer.
  2. Is a multi-currency wallet. Now he supports these Konami: BTC, LTC, NMC, DOGE, DASH, BCH, ZEC, ETH, ETC, ERC20.
  3. Compatible with other wallets: Compatible with Mycelium, Electrum, EtherWall, Sentinel, Copay.
  4. If you have lost a best wallet, access to your money you can get using Electrum, Mycelium, Copay, ArcBit.
  5. It has a fairly simple and intuitive interface.

Trezor Hardwear Wallet криптокошелек

The appearance of the purse

How to use the best wallet wallet Wallet

Inside the wallet you are free to create as many public addresses as you need.

Install the best wallet is actually not difficult. You just need to connect it to a PC to create a connection between a computer and follow the instructions.


For each send/receive fundsin you will have to enter a pin. When you install the wallet on a computer for the first time, the pin you need to enter twice. When you enter the code, the device changes the order of numbers. This is done to malware that can be on the computer, transferred the pin to the scammers.

A key to restore the walletTrezor Hardware Wallet криптокашелек

It is not digital and alphabetic code. It consists of 12 words. Write down the code or take a picture. Save it, but don't show anyone else.

How to connect to a WebClient

At the end of installation of the program plug it in and go to the website Through this webclients wallet best wallet you can upravljalnika want.

Even if the WebClient hacked – not scary. Because the assets are on the device. And it, like the access codes to the wallet, you have.

Another feature of phrase to restore the wallet

If you make someone with the power to reveal the recovery key, you can tell not quite the same. You can set several of these keys. One is the main, him to tell no one. But about the phrase open access to a small portion of your assets. Thus, you save everything else.


To get access to your funds, a third party need to physically take your wallet or take possession of all access codes. Both are very unlikely if you're careful.


When you intend to withdraw part of their assets to for example, buy more coins, you can use the limited USB connection.

So you connect to the computer, can with the help of the purse to send money, but with a computer on your balance no one can encroach. This connection works like a mouse from the computer. The mouse you can move the cursor, andfrom the screen you can not do anything.крипто кошелек Trezor Hardware Wallet


Users choose the best wallet for security, simplicity and fairly wide function. In Europe it can be ordered for about $ 100. In Russia and CIS it costs about half as much.

There is a similar device at a lower price. But best wallet was a pioneer. It is well-proven in the years of its existence. Therefore, the owners of amount of cryptocoins ready to pay the price for comfort, safety and functionality.

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