Blockchain wallet - 15m users, the most popular purse

Blockchain wallet - 15m users, the most popular purse

Now wallet Blockchain is the most popular in the world. He has more than 15 million users worldwide.

Features Of The Blockchain Wallet:

  • has mobile version;
  • compatible with operating systems iOS Android, but the web version of wallet is the main;
  • supports BTC and ETH;
  • has a built-in "Centre security". With it, you can protect an account, make a backup of the wallet and to protect your account from unauthorized access;
  • allows you to quickly buy/sell cryptocurrency through partnerships with reputable exchanges;
  • you pay different Commission for operations.

How to make Blockchain wallet?

In order to use the wallet, you need to create your account. This can be done on the official website of BlockchainInfo. There you need to sign up for wallet. It's free and takes only a few minutes. blockchain wallet

You will be asked to enter your email and set password. Then activate the wallet by following the instructions. Once you have logged into your account, select currency: BTC or ETH. Then the client will show you the address of the purse: an alphanumeric or in QR code. On this address you will send cryptocurrency.

Important! From bitcoins and Averianov their addresses. Do not confuse them.

The completion of the purse

To replenish the account you need.a buy bitcoin on an exchange or to exchange in the exchanger. On some exchanges it is possible to put funds on the Blockchain wallet directly from a card or send it to the wallet via Bank transfer.

How to transfer money with a purse?как купить криптовалюту blockchain wallet

  1. First click “Send” (Send) on the main panel.
  2. Next you need to choose what currency you transfer.
  3. Then you enter the recipient's address. The alphanumeric code you just need to copy a QR code to scan.
  4. Then enter the payment amount. Wallet will show it in currency and cryptocurrency equivalent. So the mistake here is almost impossible.
  5. Also you can set some additional options: make the operation priority, to establish its Commission. Because the more Commission – the faster you confirm your transaction. Sometimes it's really important.
  6. In the end you will only have to double-check and confirm the operation.

Levels of security the Blockchain wallet

The first level

как купить криптовалюту blockchain wallet

  • You are confirming operations via e-mail. To check your activity, the system uses the same email address you used when registering wallet.
  • You create a secret code phrase. With its help, you recover access to the account if the password is lost. You can also make yourself a "cheat sheet". You create a password hint. It may be the Association or the date on which you used for a password.

The second level

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  • Authentication via mobile. First you are tied to your account mobile number. Wallet will send you a message with a one-time access code. It must be entered each time you sign in.
  • And if you sign in with mobile, you have the option of receiving a one-time login.

The third level

как купить криптовалюту blockchain wallet

  • Screening supracostal. Tor is an anonymizer, through which often the fraudsters operate. And the purse will be block all IP addresses which accesses your wallet istog.


Today Blockchain wallet is one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets. To download and install it just. To do this, download the archive with the installation file on The interface of customer service uncomplicated. So what with him cope even novice users. The developers have provided quite a high level of protection of user accounts. For bitcoin and Averianov, perhaps, is the best option. For other coins you will have to make another purse.


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