Exodus wallet - simple and multifunctional, secure wallet.

Exodus wallet - simple and multifunctional, secure wallet.

The Exodus project started in 2016. Today, a simple and multifunctional, safe purse wallet, is gaining popularity among users, let's understand why.

Wallet Exodus is desktopee application that is installed on the computer.

Features wallet Exodus

  • The service is compatible with operating systems Linux, MACOC and Windows.
  • Personal access keys to the wallet you keep on your computer.
  • To use Exodus, you don't need to download the entire blockchain. Therefore, in the treatment of this client to output scriptaction rather quick, simple and convenient.
  • The developers have provided users wallet wide possibilities for the crypto operations through the integration of the service platform ShapeShift.
  • Works with cryptocurrency: BTC, DASH, REP, EOS, ANT, DCR, OMG, GNO,. BAT,. BCH, CVC, DNT, ETH, ETC, FUN, GNT, LTC, QTUM, SALT.
  • Has a simple and accessible interface.

криптовалютный кошелек Exodus

How to use the wallet Exodus

First you need to download the application to your computer. We suggest doing this only from the official developer website www.exodus.io. To do this, press the button "Download".криптовалютный кошелек Exodus

Choose the right version for your OS and confirm the download.криптовалютный кошелек Exodus

Further ins unpack the archive and install the program on your computer. Installation is simple and straightforward – you will not have any problems with it.

How to create your Exodus wallet

Register your purse as easily as, for example, to open a new account in the social network. For this you need to fill out a form, specifying the actual email address. There you will then receive a confirmation of registration.

How to send and receive the cryptocurrency via wallet Exodus

In addition to using the capabilities exchange ShapeShift to exchange cryptocurrencies, you have vozmozhnostiami to send funds to others karelkinoprokat with other services on your wallet.криптовалютный кошелек Exodus

To transfer funds, go to the tab "Wallet", select the desired cryptocurrency and press "Send". Then fill in the "to"("To") and "Amount" ("Amount").криптовалютный кошелек Exodus

To get funds into your wallet, go to the option "Receive".криптовалютный кошелек Exodus


Exodus allows you to operate more than a dozen of the top cryptocurrencies. As integrated with the software platform ShapeShift all the operations become simple and fast.

For private lucidatura to your account you are responsible, so keep them on your own device. Log in when you log in to the wallet with a password. We recommend you to write it down and store in a secure place. And don't forget to make back UPS of the wallet. This will help you to regain access to funds in case of force majeure. For example, if you have a broken computer.

Is the use of the wallet Exodus and a few unpleasant moments. the creators are constantly improving the functionality of the wallet. Now updates are released about once in two weeks. It would seem that this is a big plus. But users constantly have to track and install the new version of the program. Another point – the Commission for the conduct of operations. At the moment it is 0, 0003 bitcoin.

However, considering the convenience and functionality of the wallet Exodus, it is possible to close eyes to the Commission for using the service. By the way, technical support at Exodus works quickly. So easy to contact us – you will immediately answer and are qualified to help solve your problem.

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